Here at The Outfit, we use Pixel & Tonic’s Playa fieldtype on pretty much all of our ExpressionEngine builds. We’ve found that it can be a bit confusing for content editors to figure out exactly where the related content exists in the ExpressionEngine Control Panel, especially so if you are using a single Playa field with multiple channels.

Introducing Playa Links

We’ve created a companion fieldtype to Playa to make things easier for our clients, and we’d like to share it with the community. Playa Links is a fieldtype which will display links to all entries currently associated using your Playa fields. This is a read-only fieldtype, meant to assist your end users in more easily navigating ExpressionEngine’s Control Panel.

Screenshot of an EE entry field, featuring Playa Links

Playa Links used beneath a Playa field

Global Settings

Playa Links has only one Global Setting and it allows you to decide if your links will open in a new tab or in the current window.

Screenshot of Playa Links' one global setting

Playa Links’ one global setting

Individual Settings

The concept of child/parent entries can be somewhat obtuse, especially for people without programming experience. You can override the language for your individual fieldtypes as you create your custom fields with what ever works best for your particular scenario.

Screenshot of Playa Links' label settings

Change the parent/child labels to anything you’d like

Check It Out

You can download Playa Links for free on Github.