We’ve added some cool new features in Navee for Craft 1.1.0.

Regular Expressions

The Regular Expression field allows you to flexibly make the assignment of the active class to the node you are working in. By default, Navee is only able to find a match and apply the active class if the url of the page you are on exactly matches entry you have linked to for this node. The Regular Expression field allows you to extend that reach a bit.

For example, let’s say that your node is for the news section of your site. You may have multiple items on which you want this element to receive a class of active, for example:

By entering /news/i into the Regular Expressions field, Navee will catch all of the examples listed above. This example is intentionally basic, as the use of regular expressions is both very powerful and outside the scope of what we can support. This feature is designed for advanced users with understanding of how PHP’s regular expression functionality works. Put simply, this field passes its value as the pattern to the preg_match function, with the current URI being passed as the string to the same function.

Tabbed Node Editing

Stright Up Craft had a great hangout discussing navigation shortly after we released Navee for Craft. One of the things that came up was that many users don't want to be bothered with custom attributes or any advanced features. They just want to create a node, and select the entry it links to. We totally agree, so we've moved the node editor into a tabbed layout.

There are now three default tabs:

In addition - any custom Field Layouts you create will appear as new tabs at the end of the list.

Screenshots Incoming:


Navee for Craft Node tab

The uncluttered Node tab.


Navee for Craft Attributes tab

The attributes all nestled safe in their own tab.


Navee for Craft Advanced tab

Here be dragons.

Keep Your Feature Requests Coming!

We now have a slight backlog of items we plan to enhance. I promise we'll get to them as soon as humanly possible. But until then, please keep the GitHub issues/questions/requests coming!

Available on GitHub

Navee for Craft is available on GitHub.