We’ve added some handy new features in Navee for Craft 1.0.3.

Heads Up Display Editor

We’ve added the ability to quickly edit primary fields from the main navigation landing page.

Heads up display

Heads up display.

Linked Elements

Jumping from your node in Navee to your linked element in the CP is now super easy. We’ve added links on the main navigation page (along with the appropriate icons) to their corresponding element edit pages.

Heads up display

Element links in main navigation.

We’ve also added links within the individual node edit pages.

Heads up display

Element links on individual nodes.

Keep Your Feature Requests Coming!

These new features are a result of requests we’ve gotten for enhancements. We really appreciate all of the feedback and we look forward to continually improving Navee for Craft.

Available on GitHub

Navee for Craft is available on GitHub.