I bet you thought NavEE was a one trick pony. Well you are sorely mistaken! Not only is NavEE great for building your navigations and sitemaps, but it can also create your crumbs for you! NavEE searches through your navigation tree to find a match for the page you are on. If it finds one, it will dynamically build crumbs leading back to the top of your navigation.

Much like building your navigation, there is an easy way to add crumbs to your templates. Here is the really easy way, or you can find out more about the NavEE Custom Crumbs tag.

{exp:navee:crumbs nav_title="main-nav"}

Crumb Parameters

All crumb parameters are optional unless otherwise mentioned.


The class parameter will add a class of your choice to the list container (ul or ol). This is useful for styling your crumbs using CSS.



The entry_id parameter will override any dynamic identification of the page you are on. This is useful if you want to include your crumbs tag within something like channel:entries tags or search:search_results tags. It is important to note that this method will only find items which are created using the Guided or Pages methods.



The id parameter will add an ID of your choice to the list container (ul or ol). This is useful for styling your crumbs using CSS.



You’ll notice in the control panel that one of the optional items for each navigation node is Include In Navigation. This is useful if you want to build crumbs for use in your sitemap, but not show them in actual navigation.



This parameter allows you to dynamically set the last item in your crumbs. This is useful, for example, if you are on a page that does not exist in the navigation. You would need to utilize the regular expression functionality to match the section you are in, but then you could dynamically pass this parameter the title of the page you are on. This will push one more item onto the end of your crumbs.



Exactly the same as last_item (see above), except for the link that will be added to that item.



By default, {exp:navee:custom_crumbs} will search all of your navigation groups until it finds a match. If you would rather limit your crumbs to a single navigation group, just pass it’s nav_title as a parameter.



This parameter will remove the anchor from your last crumb.



If you have set the spacer parameter (see below), this will remove it from the very last item in your crumbs.



The reverse parameter reverses the order of all items in your crumbs.



You can pass spacer anything you would like to be assigned to the spacer variable. This parameter is mostly useful when used in conjunction with the no_last_spacer parameter (see above).



By default, NavEE uses nested unordered lists. You can override this functionality, which will make NavEE wrap any grouping of nav items in an opening/closing pair of whatever you pass here. wrap_type will also accept a parameter of “none” which will output no wrapping tags.